Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Stephens: A Look Back - 1954

The 1954 Stephensophia has taken on a different format than previous years.

There’s little copy—department and club pages are, instead, full of photos representing the staff, students and respective activities.

The yearbook staff also had a chance to use full color on some pages. The result? These amazing photos:

The yearbook—dedicated to parents—says it’s a pictorial record of the seasons, a “Change in the Year.” Each section is a season represented by a poem written by Lee Saslow '55 and wonderful drawings. A few examples:

“Hi ya there,” is the cry
As the Susies, their roomies spry
Senior beanies all around
Rules and regulations in our heads they pound
Hours spent standing in line
To find out just what course and at what time
Advisers who want to help us decide
How to get our loose ends tied
Senior sisters, hall meetings, too
Learning names like Linda Lou.

And in mid-Fall:

Classes are in fullest swing
Blueroom meetings are the thing
Seniors working hard to show
Timid juniors where to go
And Sophs are learning all the ropes
While Stop Day is a general hope
And in the end
Halloween brings pranks and fun
For Stephens, too, has elves on the run.


Parties and dances fill the days
Clubs are chattering of Means and Ways
Then comes Fantasy and cool Sno-ball
And initiations in every hall
Christmas comes and home we trot
To party…and party…and party a lot.


Brown stubble grass is disappearing
White robins singing do the cheering
Southern nights but windy, too
Give us of spring a sweet preview
And spring’s finest fever consists in being
Borne on wings of beauty we’re singing.

And, finally:

A good sense of humor
And a happy heart
A knowledge of life
And of people our start
A promise of good things
And a feeling we’ll rate
All this we’ll have
When we graduate.

While copy is limited, there is a short tribute to Laura Searcy, who came to Stephens in 1921 as an English instructor. She is director of the Campus Service Board. The yearbook staff writes: “A few words and a photograph are hardly adequate to do honor to Miss Searcy for the devotion she has shown to Stephens and its students. Perhaps the greatest tribute to be paid her is a living one—the minds she has stimulated, the lives she has charged with richer meaning.”

A few 1954 graduates of note:

Norma Haddad this year is the president of the senior class. She went on to become Norma Eagleton, the first woman elected to a voting position on the Tulsa city commission when she was elected finance and revenue commissioner. A lawyer, she was inducted into Oklahoma’s Women’s Hall of Fame in 1997.

Donna Keyse, Civic Association president, is Donna Keyse Rudolph, author of the Historical Dictionary of Venezuela.

Ann Miller went on to become Ann Hargett who sang Broadway numbers and enjoyed leading roles in operas around the country and toured Europe before becoming director of the First United Methodist Church Choir in Texas. This year, she represents Appreciation of the Beautiful, one of the Ten Ideals. 

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